For more than 20 years, the focus of our activities has been the authentic representation of nature and its products, as well as people and the way their immediate environment shapes and influences the way they live. People and nature are an expression of regionality, home, and mentality in all cultures. They are equally shaped by their environment and go hand in hand to interact with one another.  Our heart’s passion for „eating and drinking customs“ of all nationalities and ethnic groups has shaped our intercultural awareness for decades and massively broadened our humanistic horizons. As humanists, we know that a society can only develop sustainably and peacefully on a foundation of respect and tolerance. With our “sustainable integration” services, we contribute by introducing to Germany cosmopolitan and well-trained Asian specialists from healthcare and social professions, providing them a rooting in our culture and society. At the same time, we show help to further their career prospects for when they return to their home country.

Against a backdrop of well-founded agricultural engineering education (oenology) and with our passion for soil, water, air, and biodiversity (genetic diversity), we aim to achieve the conservation of these natural resources. Our engineering partners have unique, patented „green solutions“ for air purification and drinking / industrial water treatment that are not only appropriate to nature but also help to increase operating and energy efficiency.

Sustainable integration of Asian healthcare professionals
  • mediates between cultures and shows perspectives
  • prepares for European culture already in the home country
  • organises and accompanies language courses in the home country
  • provides career planning in Germany and for / on return to the home country
  • accompanies the employee culturally up to certification and beyond
  • integrate and support foreign specialists emotionally
Applied sustainability from engineers to engineers
  • is in partnership of experts in energy and environmental technology
  • provides tailor-made „green solutions“ from a single source
  • mediates patented, highly efficient technology solutions
  • focuses on exhaust gas heat recovery and drinking / industrial water treatment
  • regularly stages entrepreneur network meetings “Greener Solutions“
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